August 05, 2009

America The Crippled
, is some kind of La La Land where citizens live on adventure, sarcasm is king and winding up people is the main Hobby. El Tullidor is the ruling species in this jungle. He will make you laugh or get mad...

Whatever comes first.

These are the articles originally written in English by El Tullidor de America:.
  1. Can I have your stuff?
  2. Politics or Religion?
  3. Guilty
  4. My Church: The Church of Fartology
  5. What moves me
  6. HardTimes
  7. Je! He said boobies
  8. Religion an-objective-thought 
  9. Corporate-responsibility
  10. On-opinion-and-appreciation
  11. The-pleasure-of-coincidence
  12. Truth-is-not-a-democracy
  13. Mountains-to-climb
  14. Agnostic.
  15. Middle-age-crisis
  16. The Radio Project
  17. Happiness-and-cool-people
  18. Ignorance-is-not-excuse
  19. That-metiche-bastard
  20. On Religion
  21. Dominican Aid to Haiti
  22. Buying Furniture at UNPHU University

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