October 18, 2010

With empathy to two dear persons I love.
BigBrother Today, visited the institution I work for, an USA Sub-Secretary of State.  With all the security paraphernalia that these folks surround themselves with, was difficult to get close to him and listen to the several interviews he gave the press.
But I was lucky and while entering the lobby of my office, the guy was at the door giving, yet, another interview.  All cameras and reporters were there.  I was close enough to hear him mentioned in various occasions what “America” Had to say about our electoral process.

Reflecting on the meaning of things I’ve said in the past weeks, It occurred to me that reality is quite cruel to those who refuse to accept things that are facts as facts. People who reach for a piece of explanation that will feed their hope of getting something better:  Sick people are like this, gullible and prone to be taken advantage of.

Hence the rude awakening...

When Obama won the presidential election in the USA, many US citizens were left like these sick people I mentioned above.  They refuse to admit the fact, that the majority of their fellow citizens had elected a liberal, democratic, black man.  (I reject to be politically correct by calling him African-American, is like calling Dominicans European-Tainos.  We are as much as Tainos as blacks  in the US are African).

the facts This goes well to explain the passions behind the heated discussions about religion and church against tradition and culture, evolution and “intelligent design”, Global Warming and Tax conspiracies, sovereignty and “the new world order” and the most important of all: truth and perception of truth.

The perception of truth suits confused people, those who are driven like cattle by a bias media or peers.  Those who refuse to investigate fully about a topic before forming an opinion.

Since a big majority of US Citizens do not have the time to do their “homework”, they have to rely on those news feeds, that indeed will “feed” them their particular agendas. Ergo the huge surge of paranoiacs, crackpots, televangelists, camouflage wearing militias and Fox News anchorpersons in the US.

Another group of people prone to be taken advantage of, are the faithful.  They are ready to believe anything that will secure a better living than what they have now, even if it is in “another life”. Evangelical patriots and Islamic suicides are of these category.  Some will believe anything countriesthat will separate them from the rest. The later are like those who hijacked the name America, from a continent, for a country.

Like this distinguished visitor, They have tried, but can’t deny the fact We Latinos are Americans too. That this continent is ours too, and the US Democracy cannot vote on or make a referendum of, that.  After all, Truth, is not a Democracy.

Ain’t that a bitch?


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