April 20, 2010

Corvette People reading and hearing me lately have concluded that I am in the middle of a midlife crisis.  They are so wrong that I decided to write this rant, just to prove it.

A man in a middle age crisis is supposed to be passing through a period of dramatic self-doubt usually as a result of sensing the passing of his better years of life. It is accompanied with depression, stress, disparate behaviors, etc.

Individuals experiencing a mid-life crisis have some of these feelings:
  • search of an undefined dream or goal
  • a deep sense of remorse for goals not accomplished
  • desire to achieve a feeling of youthfulness
  • need to spend more time alone or with certain peers
They exhibit some of these behaviors:
  • abuse of alcohol
  • acquisition of unusual or expensive items such as motorbikes, boats, clothing, sports cars, jewelry, gadgets, tattoos, piercings, etc.
  • depression
  • blaming themselves or their partner for their failures.
  • paying special attention to physical appearance such as covering baldness, wearing "younger" designer clothes etc.
  • entering relationships with younger people (either/or sexual, professional, parental, etc.)
  • placing overimportance (and possibly a psychologically damaging amount) on their children to excel in areas such as sports, arts or academics.

midlife crisis Well, sorry to inform you that my better years are not over.I have no crisis of loosing my youth and haven’t noticed the imminence of old age on myself.  And more important: none of the things mentioned above apply to me. Self doubt?  Pleeeease.  So, how if the definition does not describe my present situation, I am labeled as having a Midlife crisis?

Is just that I’ve been known to exercise a lot of restrain in my comments.  Meaning that I’m polite.  But lately I’ve become opinionated and do not give a crap on people’s sensitivities. 

Well some day I had to start. I wanted to leave a record of whom I really am.  I have started to do just that and that has angry a lot of people.

Sorry for those who are truly preoccupied.  For those just looking to bother me: suck it up! It will get worse!
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2 Comentarios:

  1. ??????You don't need to have all of the stated to be consider on THAT age crisis...trying to be a new you is also part of it, why do it if your YOU used to work???

    description to be consider on that AGE CRISIS

  2. It used to work for others, not me. I'm on a new stage of mind: Egotistical. Not in crisis.


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