February 04, 2011

May 21, 2011, that is the day of the end…
The end of the world!!! Mr Harold Camping says so. (who is this guy anyway? Google or Wikipedia it, is another story on itself). This engineer, has made the calculations and determined Beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this IS the day.

One little problem, though...

He uses the bible as the source for the calculations. And we all know how accurate is that book in relation to giving numbers.  That is, all numbers are subject of interpretation, therefore any number is ok.

Throughout men’s history (and women's history too), religious people have claimed that their holy books provide accurate prophecies about the End Of The World. Many dates have come and pass and the world keeps on being a "demonic" place to live. For example, the Jehovah Witnesses are the masters of predicting (and changing) dates for the end of days.

The books of Daniel and Revelation are the preferred source for hypothesis about the End of Days. Go and read your bible and see if you can calculate the same date or another... who cares! Chances are you determine that this part of the book is just too crazy to believe in it. Maybe you realize that the whole book is useless to use (excuse the uses) as a guide to run your modern day life. Or maybe... just maybe, you find out the place where the bible says that reading blogs, tweeting and using Facebook is mandated by god himself! For sure you go to Fox news and will get your 15 seconds of fame!

I'm hoping that in the morning of May 22 of this year, When god hasn't showed up or Jesus have not “downloaded himself” from the heavens, these people apologize to us all for being WRONG. I am confident that at least some will say that "there was a miscalculation and the new date is...."

How about the fact that there is no god and Jesus is long dust and will never come back to earth?
But, hey! whatever bust your noodles! we are all trying to be happy here.

In the mean time... Can I have your stuff?

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  1. Hey!(light bulb went on, on my head) (thinking to myself) I should capitalize on this event...

    Maybe I should organize a huge party the night before. Publicize it as the "Last chance to Sin!" opportunity!!!!
    One million US$ per "participant"... plus all their stuff.


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