September 27, 2010

caricaturamia I have heard these days in a couple of occasions the word “caricaturerization”, although I understood its meaning I went to the dictionary to find the proper meaning of it.  To my surprise, this word does not exist and I admit to have use it myself in several occasions.  The proper way to say it, as a verb is: caricature.

Mostly it means to create a pictorial representation of an object or person with its most distinctive features or peculiarities deliberately exaggerated to produce a comic or grotesque effect.

But, there is another connotation given to the word that is more sinister that the above: A grotesque imitation or misrepresentation of an event, action, view and/or opinion.

And immediately I went back to the places I have mentioned it and realized that I was guilty! Because I use to caricature other people sentences about various topics, but particularly religion and politics. I did that, because I thought, that they were being insincere or naive about their statements and sometimes just plain incoherent or idiotic, And making a caricature of what they just said, would help them to understand the stupidity or absurdity of their words.

But, who am I to do that? because, a lot of people really mean what they say, it might be wrong to my eye (or the eyes of science and reason) but it is right for them.

So, some of them have reacted offended and irate about my “caricature-rization”.

I have misread the signs.

So! to them: I am sorry.  I am guilty as charge.

I’ll try to read more into peoples statements to really identify those idiotic from the heartfelt ones. And refrain from my sarcastic way of pointing them out. That’s all I can promise for now.

3 Comentarios:

  1. Wow...I don't know what to say, I...I'm at a loss for words. Is this all part of being, what do you call it... politically correct? Are you being bullied into submission? I thought of you as the Dominican version of the love child of Jon Stewart and Bill Maher! (pero mas bocon, lol!) I know, I know, we don't want to alienate people, especially those close to us and that we care about. Take a page from Obama's mistake: he lost a lot of constituents with the "bitter people that hang on to their guns and religion" gaffe. Ya ves, por eso yo no escribo sobre religion o politica in mi blog, no matter how idiotic I think certain things are. There are people that would stop talking to me, and that's no way of taking over the world!

  2. Not bullied, but I watched in detailed and with attention the video from father Boyle and it really made me re-think my views on some things. (you see, I can change on the face of evidence and reason)
    I can obtain my objectives by being more intelligent. And have chosen to do so, therefore this rant.

    BTW, I though of being the child of Bill Maher and George Carlin, and that would have taken care of the BOCON thing. Anywho, I may be the spawn of Jon Stewart and don't know it jet.

    Thank you for your comment. Made my day!

  3. Bill Maher + George Carlin... Right you are! That's actually a more accurate mashup! Btw, due to my SAS (Slow-As-Shit) internet service, I've been unable to watch the Father Boyle videos. But tomorrow, God willing (or should I say, The Powers That Be willing, jeje), I'll have a faster connection, as I'm switching to another provider. Cross your fingers!


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