June 14, 2010

coincidenceOn June 8, I published on this blog an article called Agnostic.  The piece was about the type of label given to persons like me, who believe that there is not a definitive answer as to the existence of a creator.

I used scientific reasons to almost arrive to the conclusions that if the new research proves that the universe has no boundary (no a beginning or end) there wouldn’t be a reason for a creator.
The main research area that will go into that conclusion would be the unification of physics by a “theory of everything”.
The final line says it all.  If we reach that goal, we would have learned the mind of god.
Well, to my surprise I’ve seen today a documentary narrated by Morgan Freeman, called “Through The Wormhole: Is There a Creator?” it premiered on Wednesday, June 9 2010. Just one day after my article, and believe me I did not heard of it until today.  So the development of such writing was completely legitimate and was not triggered by this documentary. Therefore a coincidence!
The tile of this rant refers to the pleasure that coincidences like this one brings to the persons like me. Persons, that not being a scientist and no having these topics as career, manage to have an idea that later on find out that other, real scientist have had and a documentary such like Mr. Freeman’s is being made to propagate this idea.
This coincidence brings pleasure to me, because of the fact that I got it at the same time that many intellectual people.
So for those who thought that I was being arrogant by writing in such a scientific way about god, please go to you tube and watch this video.  They explain the matter far much better that I did.
The whole thing was not about promoting myself, it was me trying to explain to you, why I think the way I think, about god. And may in the process give you a different perspective of something you though about but never gave the proper importance o belief.
So those were my two cents…  Thank you.

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