April 29, 2010

Pendejos I've caught you red handed.

To say “I didn’t know”, “I wasn’t aware of that”, “If I only knew”, “You ignorant fool”, is not an excuse to dismiss the fact that you were doing something you knew it was wrong but still did (mostly because you had some benefit of doing it or to push an agenda you knew was wrong).

It is very difficult for people to admit wrong.  We prefer to find a plethora of excuses to dismiss being call ignorant.

The other day I was meditating over the reason why people were like that, and of course, my twisted mind came to the conclusion, that religion had something to do with it.

In apocalypses, the bible provides everybody the “mother of all excuses” those who did not had the chance of being presented with the word of god are relieved of guilt. For that particular moment, though.  It continues, saying, now that they know, they have to make a decision. But the damage is already done…  It has provided, however short lived, a canvas for the error prone person to excuse his/herself of sin.

In the past year, My region in being ravaged by a predatory company who, with the excuse of mining for gold (which is good for a developing country like us, so they say) has destroyed the environmental health of the beautiful Bonao Valley. To get this concession, these people had to lobbied their ass off and then provide with some “funds” for the congressmen and women of the Dominican government to approve the contract and make it, literally, law.

The elected officials who voted for the contract in favor of that multinational foreign company are now calling on the excuse that they did not read the contract and approved it without knowing how damaging (environmentally and financially speaking), it was. (this is using that bible excuse I mentioned above)

cachitaThis situation, brings to my mind (did I mentioned it was wicked?) the image of a person who supported you for so many years and has turn against you. You confronted the son of a bitch and ask why.  Instead of admitting that he was angry and back stabbed me like that because he wanted to and enjoyed it), the dimwit moron had for an answer: “for all those years I didn’t realize you were like you are”.

And like a “Tati o Mechi Cualquiera” with my rollers hanging off my badly threaded braids, hand on the waist and all, I say to you, Ok.  I was a sucker. Now that you know...       what?

…Are you gonna fuck me in ass, too?

For more information please “punche” this link.

3 Comentarios:

  1. I beg to differ. To say “I didn’t know”, “I wasn’t aware of that”, “If I only knew”, ARE valid excuses for the fact of being wrong. It's what you do after you realize this that has something to say about your character. However, in the case of government, yes, you are right: politicians do NOT have the luxury of saying "I didn't know" when they make a mistake. That's what we pay them for: to find out all the facts and to ask questions and to READ any and all contracts that go through their desks. Although the reality is that very few do this, it still is shocking that for an issue like the gold mining company, given its dire consequences, is still done like this. Can anybody say papeletas?

  2. Jajajaja! I loved your link!

  3. I disagree with you Disagreeing with me! Don't you see? People that use those excuses are trying no to look ignorant in the face of fact! At least most of them. The congressmen said what they said after it was proven that the mining company was indeed contaminating Bonao's Valley aquifers.
    So. it is important the context: If it is said after proven a screw up.. you are a screw up. If you ignore the facts and continue to support your screw up based on ignorance... then you are an ass. Is that fair to you? :>)


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