March 26, 2011

We at America the Crippled, have decided to open a new line or category of essays aiming at debunking a whole bunch of "conspiracy theories", pseudoscience, quackery, etc. that are now in the public arena, mostly because of the Internet.  A media that has provided opportunities to those who delight in disseminating lies and unproved theories that in some cases do not harm anybody but in other are harmful to today’s society, damaging the perception of many and confusing the public.

Here is a list things we will be treating in this blog in the future for the purpose of debunking or confirming:
1 New World Order 
    1.1 Federal Reserve System
2 False flag operations
3 Wars
4 Coups d'état
5 Official Conspiracy Theories
6 Assassinations
7 US Presidency
     7.1 Clinton Body Count
     7.2 Barack Obama birth conspiracy theories
8 Ethnicity, race and religion
     8.1 Jewish world domination
9 Technology and weapons
     9.1 Suppression of technologies
     9.2 Development of weapons technology
     9.3 Weapons testing
     9.4 Surveillance, espionage and intelligence agencies
10 Media
    10.1 DTV Transition
11 Medicine
    11.1 Drug legalization
    11.2 Chemtrails
    11.3 Diet
    11.4 Creation of diseases
    11.5 Water fluoridation
    11.6 Traditional, natural and alternative medicines
12 Peak oil
13 Real groups said to be involved in conspiracies
    1001 Club
     Bilderberg Group
     Bohemian Grove
     Committee of 300
     Council on Foreign Relations
     Freemasonry (see Masonic conspiracy theories)
     The Illuminati
     Le Cercle
     Pilgrims Society
     Royal Institute of International Affairs
     Skull and Bones
     Trilateral Commission
     United States Government
     British Petroleum
    13.1 Alleged groups associated with conspiracy theories
    13.2 The Plan
14 Paranormal activity - UFO conspiracy theory
    14.1 Evil aliens
    14.2 Extraterrestrials
15 Global Warming
16 Electronic banking conspiracy
We already started with HAARP, will continue with the others shortly. Stay tuned.

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