June 26, 2015

They say is a migration issue,,,
Well, it is not an entirely migration issue. There are other matters involved  in this crisis. Please watch my video about it.

Facts about Dominican-Haiti migration issues: 
  1. There was a unfortunate Dominican constitutional court's decision who took nationality away to many Haitian descendants. 
  2. After that decision, The Dominican Congress approved and published an amnesty law to provide nationality to those affected by the court´s sentence and one and a half year duration regularisation process to provide documentation for illegally living foreigners in Dominican Republic. 
  3. Haitian government has and continues to deny proper documentation to its nationals living abroad. 
  4. Lack of documentation has hindered the regularisation process for Haitians in DR. 
  5. The period for regularisation has ended. 
  6. There HAVE NOT been any deportations of Haitian nationals from the DR, since the regularisation period ended.
  7. There HAVE been deportations of Haitian nationals from other countries in the same period (i.e. Bahamas). 
  8. The international community has dishonestly represented the situation in order to pressure DR government to accept illegal and/or undocumented Haitian nationals within its borders denying DR'S sovereignty and failed to criticise other countries for deporting Haitians. Article: International-media-is-biased
  9. Most people are mis informed on this issue.
  10. Some Countries, NGOs and public figures who live out these conflicts or are looking for some facetime or other kinds of benefits from this tragedy, like to DEHUMANISE Dominicans, calling them discriminators, bigots and racists. ¿how come people of the same colour can be racists towards each other? ¿The poor discriminating the poor?
  11. These depictions say more of THEM than they say about the Dom. Rep. and the Dominicans as a people.
  12. The Haitian government benefits of this situation, as it distract attention from its own internal -corruption- problems and hush away criticism of its flawed election process, later this year.
  13. There are no "countryless" Haitians.  The Haitian constitution recognises Haitian descendants -no matter where they are in the world- as Haitian. So,  these are not countryless, they are undocumented. UNDOCUMENTED Haitian nationals. And...
  14. The Dominican Republic, if so desired, owes nothing to them or the international community.
  15. But we do not desire that to our brothers and sisters living here or elsewhere. We help with the things we have, even to the detriment of our nationals, We assisted them in their hour of need when an earthquake destroyed their country, Today, we provide the vast majority of the produce they consume, without border commerce, Haiti would have succumbed to hunger and disease. Without our hospitals beds, many would have died. They have not.  We, the poor, the so called bigots and racists, have and continue to help. what else can you ask? Article: dominicans-are-the-first-and-biggest-contingent-of-aid-to-their-haitian-brothers
With reason the president of the Dominican Republic, Danilo Medina rejected "discrimination" comments by the Pime Miniter's of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Mr. Gonsalves by asking: What have you done for the Haitian People to criticize us?

If you are so desperate or eager to help, please help the issue: take Haitians as refugees in your country or do the same as the Dominican Republic: give them an immigration amnesty. Give them a place to live and work. Demand from the Haitian government to take RESPONSIBILITY and provide proper documentation to its citizens and NOT use its own country men as propaganda merchandise.

... and please, Do not throw stones against the small and poor. Respect our sovereignty. 

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  1. Que viva por siempre la República Dominicana

  2. Que viva por siempre la República Dominicana


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