April 12, 2012

How the majority of Americans get manipulated to help the rich get richer.

The greatest job in indoctrination is to convince middle class citizens to believe the following:
  1. Global warming is a hoax (it benefits oil companies corporations by making USA dependent on oil and assures them subsidies while encroaching renewable energies technologies)
  2. The Fed is colluding with the enemy to screw USA (eliminating regulations to allow financial corporations to bet against their clients and make huge profits)
  3. To bear arms is in their behalf (benefiting arms producing companies)
  4. Elimination of taxes is good for "job creation" (only the rich get tax cuts, the poor end up paying more taxes, through sales taxes and penalties fines)
  5. Reduction of entitlements will benefit them (it will benefit insurance and pharmaceutical companies)
At the end who gets benefited:
1. Oil companies
2. Financial corporations
3. Arms production companies
4. The rich
5. Insurance and pharmaceutical companies

Do you see? The middle class and the poor is not on that list.  What a clever strategy! Make the poor defend your position and screw themselves without they knowing. Those 5 groups of people ARE the establishment. Not the liberals or socialists, Fox news have help you believe are. They are not the enemy.

And I didn't mentioned anything about: privatization of jails and education, reduction of science in schools,elimination of acquired rights like: abortion, justified searches, privacy of expression, etc.

Sheep helping the wolves to eat them. What a sad story! That is USA today in a nutshell.

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