June 23, 2011

imageJames Verone 59, a resident of North Carolina who has a lot of health problems, He has worked all his life and lost his job because of being so sick , not a criminal, not on drugs and never had been in jail in his life. Poor and uninsured and basically cannot get health attention for his sickness. So what does he do?

He goes to a Bank and pass the teller a note that he is robbing them and all he wants is a dollar. Then he sat down the front porch to wait for the cops to come and taking him into arrest. He was not carrying a gun.

Why would somebody do that?

Well, in the USA prisoners get free health, in that case being in jail secure him to get proper care for his ailments.

This is pathetic. No sad, PATHETIC.

One of the "most rich countries" in the world and the poor wants to go to jail in order to get health care.

I will let that image, sink in your minds... Think about it for a while.

If this story do not led USA citizens to reflect on their situation, I frankly don't know what will.

This is a story you will not see on FOX News.

In any other country he would not have to do that. Not even in my country, Dominican Republic, which is a 3rd world poor country.

What a Republican politician says about that? "This guy is ripping off our prison system. This rip off tells us that our prison system is getting to much benefits and we need to cut that. We need to cut health benefits of prisoners too".

Think another little while about that comment.

Now review your stand about health care and the rich not paying taxes. That is if you have a conscience and a heart. If you don't, go turn on you TV and continue watching FOX "News"... they would not show things like this, so you don't feel bad. After that go and get registered in the Republican or the Tea Party. Because THAT is what you deserve. Nothing less. Nothing more. A pathetic uneducated, heartless, little republican country, ran by corporations and the private sector.

Pathetic indeed.


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