June 29, 2011

imageA guy is married. He is a prosecutor. He was called to prosecute somebody for infidelity. At the end he could find that the man under investigation only got into oral sex with the woman.

But for that, he sent him to trial and almost cost the man his job and his marriage.

Some years later this prosecutor went to the hospital, where his wife was in bed, sick. And told her that he was delivering her divorce papers, because while she was sick he got involved with other woman.  Later on he did the same to this other woman. He got himself a mistress and left his second wife for her.

Now this guy wants to be president and was asked about the decision of New York to legalize same sex marriage. He said this:

"Gay marriage is a threat to the sanctity of marriage".

What sanctity? Yours? The guy who left his sick wife for a mistress and them left his mistress for another mistress?

Is this the example of the sanctity of marriage between a woman and a man?

But what these "f**cktards" fail to see, is that some gays stay together for ever. And most likely those getting married in NY have had a relationship far more longer than the famous prosecutor.

Who is this bastion of morality and marriage?

Newt Gingrich.  What a f**king hypocrite!!!!

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