April 19, 2010

(Jose Luis Hijo ganó el segundo premio de Ciencia por este proyecto)
Kids_Talk_Radio_on_the_iTunes_Store In the past few days I have been working with my son in a school science project that he will showcase on the school science fair.

I liked the project, since it was right down my alley (purporting to be a technological genius), and made time to work with my son in its creation.

(Please beware that this article uses profane language since it involve manly behavior while assembling mechanical devices.)

So I picked my high tech tools pouch and started to build this Radio Thingy. It was Saturday afternoon and all specialized stores (for electronic stuff) were closed. I had to look for work arounds.  And let me tell you we Dominicans are the mothers of work arounds. If there is a way to fix, screw or shortcut a thing, we will find out and use it.

Went and got the parts (where? please don’t ask) and started to build the dammed device. Needles to say that it was a complete fiasco. Looking at the assembly directions I estimated it would take 30 minutes to finish. That's about how much time it took me to get everything out of the bags. At some point after three hours of assembly I ran out of patience and with screw driver in hand, went on a TV watching binge and just left the fucking thing on the building table.

My son, being my son… understood my frustration when I promised to get up in the morning and fix the thing once and for all.

Next day my wife had to send my dog Lizzy to get me from inside a ball of copper wire I was using to build the radio coil in which I have been lost for a couple of hours.

Rescued and after a glass of lemonade (it was beer, you know) I decided to call off the day and promised my son that I will go to work late just to go to a proper store and get the right materials to build the dammed radio.

He believed me. (I love my son).

On Monday I got the right material (at the end I spent twice the cost of just buying a brand new device) and built the radio. Today my son is using it at his school science fair.  I bet he is proud of his genius father.

I’m just happy I did not middled age the fucking thing.

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