August 09, 2011

In recent history there has been civil unrest and disorder in two mayor European countries: Greece and the UK.

In the case of Greece, a harsh program of cuts to meet requirements demanded in exchange for international rescue loans was the main cause of the riots. The aim was to cut $20 billion in public spending while raising a further $20 billion through taxes and privatization. This meant increased VAT, higher levies on householders and companies and sharp hikes in fuel, alcohol and tobacco prices.

Spending cuts will see heavy public sector job losses, school closures and restrictions on welfare benefits. There will also be sell offs of state assets and ventures including the postal service and key ports.

The real reasons for the UK riots is money.

What has caused the revolt is the reduction of welfare benefits by cutting government handouts to the 5.5 million British citizens who do not work has caused the revolt.

Living off handouts and not having to work has created the criminal actions of the frustrated rioters.

In the USA they want to do the same thing. Reduce spending, cut welfare benefits, they are already deep into unemployment, so a big percentage of US citizens do not work.

To worsen the situation, government do not want to increase taxes to the rich but rather to the poor, compounding even more the frustration of the poor and the unemployed.

What do you think is going to happen next?

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