July 10, 2011

misandry-it-has-a-wikipedia-page(This is satire, I am mocking those who believe in this crap.  Ok? ok...)
I have been told that I am living under the jackboots of a misandrist Gynocracy without being aware of it. I had to look into Wikipedia to actually understand the implications (and the meaning of the words).

I thought that it was the fault of some pussy cartel, the fact that I am not getting "any" lately. Now I know is actually because the evil feminazis that control the vagina supply, have impose a secret genital boycott on me and other men like me. This is tantamount to a hate crime.

Because of this, the men are angry. Is all over the Internet!

I, personally am furious.

I am so irate that I am seriously thinking of becoming an activist and joining the struggle against the Ginofacist.
Otherwise, they will take over the world and establish a feminist government.

Well... that is, if I don't get one of them whores with a mangina (a vagina who actually like men). In that case I would be very busy catching up with my sextarvation. And when I finish, I might not have the "strength" to go after them.

Damned wommin! them shouldn't have to be THAT smart, eh?  

...Wait! What?

Idea by youtuber Somegreybloke.

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