May 17, 2011

This Saturday, the day of rapture is coming and you ought to send me all your stuff.

If May 22 comes up and nothing happens, and you didn't give me anything, nor disposed of any of your money, house, cars, etc., please take time to acknowledge that, that little voice of doubt that you pushed away for so long... WAS RIGHT!

There is no rapture.  There is no end of days.

And most likely, there is no invisible deity that had to sacrifice itself unto itself, to appease itself, so as to save us from itself.

Believing that it's going to happen at any time is no less ridiculous than believing that it's going to happen on May 21st.

That small voice of doubt is what the rest of us call common sense (and reason). It's so often right. It's especially dependable when faith in ridiculous nonsense is involved.

Harold Camping who is a christian talk show host and civil engineer, also predicted the end of the world in 1992 - which sold a fair few of his books on the subject. It seems that every time he fancies a new private jet, he makes another prediction based on absolutely nothing.

It's tragic, but I sincerely hope there IS a rapture, so that the rest of us can then create a -real- utopia on this planet without dealing with a crapload of Armageddon hungry paranoiacs, life-devaluing folk, screwing things up.

It'd be perfect! They can happily live under their bloodthirsty control freak of a deity, and the rest of us can really make something of ourselves.

Although, the likelihood of it ever happening is well below that of Pat Robertson coming out as an 18 year old Brazillian stripper.
Idea and some comments taken from youtuber  NonStampCollector.

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